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After almost 20 years in the service and hospitality industry, my wife and I decided in 2001 that it was time to embark on one last big adventure. We called it “Four Paws Kingdom” and it was based on an idea that was new, unique, had never been attempted before and everyone we told about it looked at us like we had just come down from outer space in a UFO.

What idea, you are asking, could cause a reaction like this?

The idea of building the first (and still the only)

Dog Dedicated Campground in the United States.

After talking to campground brokers, real estate professionals, campground owners, traveling from Florida to Ohio and every state in between we finally found the perfect property in the little town of Rutherfordton, NC.

Little did we know, at the time, what would lie ahead of us.
We had cashed in all of our life savings, our retirement savings, sold our house and belongings to put it all on the line for a dream that may or may not work out.

Since we had both worked as consultants in the hospitality industry our first instinct was to hire and talk to consultants in the campground industry.

Oh Boy, what a waste of time. Everybody we contacted to share our vision and ideas pretty much told us the same thing. This is never going to work. A myriad of reasons were given for why our ideas were too big, our investment too small, our visions were too lofty and our in general our business model was doomed to fail.

We quickly found out that none of the so called “experts” was willing to leave their “familiar territory”, their “old and outdated ways of thinking” behind to recognize that innovation combined with a unique strategy was the right way to go.

After the initial disappointment, we decided to ignore all of “the experts” and we literally stepped into the forest with spray paint and marking tape to physically lay out the campsites.

It took us three years to build our park, we dug, we cleared, we built, we laid water and electric, we pulled fences, planted shrubs and flowers, graded roads and most of all we starting our marketing campaign a year before the first tree was felled.

Four Paws Kingdom opened to the public in May of 2004 and quickly grew into a thriving business with a loyal, ever increasing customer base and a great position in the marketplace and social media.

Benefit from our Experience

Luckily for you, all of our struggles, trials and tribulations have made us a different kind of “experts”.  Former campground owners who have built, managed and “fought in the trenches”, walked in your shoes, been where you are – not only in the field of managing and running a campground and RV Resort but most importantly we know how to market, sell, advertise and position an idea in the marketplace.

If you are looking for help with your Campground, RV Park or Resort, B&B or other hospitality venue,  you now have a unique chance to benefit from our RV Park experience, with the added bonus of 40+ years of International hospitality industry experience, intimate knowledge of the challenges and requirements, marketing and finding your niche in the hospitality industry and most importantly the willingness to listen to your ideas and visions even if they seem to be “too much out there”.

  • We assess, evaluate and analyze your operational procedures
  • Benefit from our Experience

  • We have walked in your shoes
  • Let us help you find your niche
  • Get Expert help Marketing Your Hospitality Venue
  • We can help you define Your Position in the Marketplace
  • Let us draw you a personalized road map to success

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