After more than 30 years of industry experience we very well know
that there are primary “unspoken” question that you may have about us.

That first question is: “Can I trust you?”

The second unspoken question that may have crossed your mind is …

“Do you know what you are doing?”

I can trust you all I want, but if you don’t have a clue what you are doing, what good is your business?

These are very legitimate and valuable questions and if you wouldn’t ask them, I would have for you.

On the various pages composing this website, we have tried to explain our process, our approach, our “way-of-doing-things”. We have also tried to give you a perspective on how we see marketing in today’s Social Media oriented business environment and we have shown you questions that you should ask yourself as a business owner if you want to make a serious decision about your future marketing approach.

So first, please take the time to read through all of our pages and after you have decided that you are committed to “making a change” in your marketing read on…

Can I trust you?

No Risk Complimentary Consultation

Let me tell you about my personal experiences.  Every time I have to see a new doctor I haven’t dealt with before, there is this uneasy feeling in my stomach and that voice in my head saying: “What if I don’t like him/her?”

I guess you know that feeling too?

That’s why in this initial complimentary consultation we try to establish two major goals:

  1. Give you a chance to “get to know us” and find out if we can establish a relationship of trust and rapport
  2. Give us a chance to learn about you, your company, your ideas, your visions, your goals, your dreams etc.

You Decide

If after that meeting, you feel uncomfortable, uneasy or if you simply decide you do not want to work with us – no harm no foul, we can part as friends and pursue other opportunities.

What's next?

After the initial meeting we will analyze the information provided by you and we will prepare a summary of our findings that we will present to you.

These findings can go in several directions:

  1. We find that your current marketing needs a new approach and we will offer you a number of strategies (*) to proceed forward.
  2. We find your current marketing is overall effective but needs some tweaking and fine tuning and we will offer you ideas (*) we feel appropriate for better results.
  3. We think your marketing is almost perfect as it is but there are other areas we feel that could be improved for even better business performance. We will define those areas and suggest options (*) for improvement.

(*) (including cost/ROI projections)

You Select

After we present you with our findings it is up to you to do one of two things:

A) You can decide to leave everything the way it is  


B) You can decide to follow our suggestions and ideas and together we will optimize and improve your marketing strategies to reinvigorate your business and achieve the desired goals and outcome.

Over the course of the last 30+ years Meik Bartoschek has worked as owner, trainer and consultant with a wide variety of businesses and organizations spanning the field from Hospitality to Education, Restaurants to Fine Art and from Non- Profit to Medical.

Do you know what you are doing?

What exactly have you done for these businesses?

“During my career, I was fortunate to be confronted with a wide variety of challenges ranging from marketing to customer service, from web design to social media strategies and from seminar workshops to individual on the job training. I worked with businesses who wanted me to boost their position in the marketplace by designing and implementing strategies for improving marketing results and sales and organizations that needed training for customer service and tourism representatives.”

What do you know about "Small Businesses"?

“I am happy to say that I have first hand knowledge of Small Business challenges because I created, built, ran and managed several of them. I owned a Coffee Shop and Bistro overseas, helped my wife jumpstart her successful art show career and pioneered the industry by conceptualizing, building and managing the first and only dog dedicated campground in the US – Four Paws Kingdom Campground – catering to tens of thousands of campers over a 15 year period.”

Can you be more specific about your Marketing approach?

“My approach to marketing is built on my CPMC board certification and developed further through years of testing, tweaking and evaluating – giving you the opportunity to profit from all the successes and mistakes I made running my own businesses.”

Some of the strategies are:

  • Evaluation and Optimization of your current Marketing Approach
  • Uncovering Hidden Marketing Assets
  • Optimization of your current Customer Base
  • Development of Strategic Marketing Alliances
  • Development of Measurable Media Advertising
  • Development and Implementation of Community Marketing Strategies
  • Design and Implementation of Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Development of Marketing Videos and Spokesperson Videos
  • Custom Website Design, Development and Web Hosting

How do I know I can afford you?

“After almost 40 years in the business and finally selling and retiring from our last entrepreneurial adventure, my wife and I decided to enter a phase of semi-retirement.

Now I have a choice between playing Golf (which I find boring), stream Netflix all day (which is detrimental to my waist line) or helping small business owners to improve and make sense of their marketing efforts at a fraction of the cost a traditional marketing consulting company would charge you.

Add to the mix the fact that I will give you a FREE initial consultation and decide for yourself if you have an excuse not to give it try.”

Our Promise: