Too Busy, Exhausted or Frustrated
to even think about Your Marketing or Internet Presence?

We Have Been in Your Shoes!
We Know Your Pain!
We have Solutions!

Affordable Marketing Consulting for Small Business Owners

Affordable Marketing and Web Consulting for Small Business Owners

Every small business owner knows, that if you have to run the day-to-day operations of your small business, there is little to no time left to think about your marketing or Internet Presence. We have been there ourselves and learning from all the struggles we faced we have decided to offer our expertise to lend a helping hand.
Drawing from our experience as small business owners and entrepreneurs, International Consultants and Certified Marketing Consultants, we are prepared to help you to be successful as a small business owner in today’s multi layered, social media and instant gratification driven marketplace, creating an affordable, systemized approach with easy to implement strategies.

We are in Business to Help Your Business Succeed

With more than 35 years of international experience as a small business owner, award winning corporate trainer and Board Certified Marketing Consultant Meik Bartoschek, CEO of Mbglobaltraining has decided to use his “retirement” to focus on his true passion:

Helping small business owners and entrepreneurs with his experience, expertise, knowledge and strategies to overcome the constant struggle of running the day-to-day operations of a small business and making time to find and retain new customers, patients and/or clients .

Are you Ready for a new Approach?

Contact us for a FREE initial consultation and we will listen, analyze and assess your current approach to make your business visible to the world. Providing you with a first step in defining a new and better results producing strategy.


Hotel, Motel, Campground, B&B or Restaurant Owner? We’ve got you covered too!

After designing, planning, building, owning, managing and marketing our own campground, RV Park, Cafeteria and Catering Business for 25 years, we know “a thing or two” about the hospitality industry.


Kiss your Old Hit-and-Miss Marketing Good-Bye

Our distinguished strategies are built on a tried and tested systematic approach that consistently produces real, measurable results.


You won’t see This on Late Night Television!

This is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme or canned mass market product. We only work with a handful of select clients to assure the best possible results for YOU. Our advice will be customized and targeted to your unique situation.

Ask Yourself the following Questions:

If you have to say “no” or “are uneasy” about one or more of the questions provided in the slideshow, it’s time to make a change, get serious about Your Marketing and let us help you to find the right approach!

Our Approach

Don’t expect us to “shoot from the hip”. We like to do things the right way. We’ll ask questions to get to know you, your business and your product(s).  We’ll refine your goals and your ideas and then come up with a strategy that is sound and produces results.


01. Gather Information

Our FREE initial consultation is designed to learn about your business

02. Analyze

We will analyze the information you provided us to identify hidden, forgotten or neglected marketing assets and omissions.

03. Design Strategy

We will customize a marketing strategy, tailored to your specific needs, wants and budget to help you improve your business performance and success.

04. Strategy Presentation

We will present our recommended strategy in detail and discuss methods and time frame of implementation.

05. Ongoing Consulting

Depending on your choices in Step 4, we can function as your expert marketing coach, provide ongoing help with implementation, web design and marketing, social media marketing, videos and more…

06. Marketing and Beyond

In addition to monitoring your marketing campaign success, we can design and conduct staff training programs, employee performance evaluations, customer service retention strategies and more…