Comedy Magic Show

Meik Bartoschek aka “Rivelino” started his Magic(al) Career in 1972. His Dad showed him a simple rope trick for Christmas and Meik was hooked.

“I was fortunate enough to meet my long-time friend and mentor Nils Nielsen shortly after my passion for magic emerged and for the next 10 years he taught me everything he knew.”

Thanks to his Dad, his mentor and the fact that he worked part-time at a Magic Store, Meik had a chance to perform hundreds of shows at Nursing Homes, Vacation Resorts, Cruise Ships, Hospitals, Street Fairs, Car Dealerships, Night Clubs and other venues. He was able to hone his skills, develop his unique comedy style and eventually develop his famous comedy act that made him Vice Champion in Comedy Magic and a household name at Magic Conventions, Workshops and Lectures around the World.


“Performing Magic paid for a good chunk of my college tuition, traveling to Magic Conferences and Competitions and in 1984 my Magic career was rewarded by becoming German Vice Champion in Comedy Magic and subsequently publishing two books on Comedy Magic, touring and teaching Comedy Magic Lectures and performing my stage show in many resorts, hotels, cruise ships and other venues around the world.”


Today, Meik has refined and polished his award winning Comedy Magic Act to a 45 – 60 minute presentation, chock full of comedy, laughter, audience participation, fun and most importantly amazing magic that will leave people talking for days to come.

Maybe you are lucky to meet Meik on a Cruise Ship, a Trade Show, a Street Fair, Resort Hotel or if you like he can bring the Magic right into your Board Room, Clubhouse or even your own living room.

Don’t settle for boring and outdated, if you want laughs, fun and surprises – make sure to hire Rivelino Comedy Magic for your next event!

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