Website Development Approval

I have Beta tested the final version of your new website several times over the last 24 hours on mobile, pad and desktop using different browsers and screen settings and it looks like everything is working as planned. Please understand that a few links will not show properly in menus until sites are fully synchronized.

I am ready to initiate a complete upload to your server and synchronize the sites.

As previously mentioned you have two options;

Option A:    You agree to continue with our consulting agreement as written in July 2018.
This requires a payment of $600.00 plus $225 (1st month) for consulting services starting October 1st, 2018  for a total payment of $825.00.  Site will be transferred to server upon payment cleared and Rush No More will be given editing access which will be transferred electronically. Full site design access will be transferred after completion of 22 months consulting agreement. This option will use the services of mbglobaltraining as webmaster/consulting expert.

Courtesy Option B  (one time offer):  Cancel the consulting agreement (without penalty) and pay a one time site completion fee of $1950.00 – site will be transferred to your server upon receipt of payment and Rush No More will retain full ownership rights to site, design, css, scripts, themes etc. which will be transferred electronically (upon payment cleared). This option allows you to use a third party webmaster after transfer.

Please use the form provided below to finalize the project/development.

MBglobaltraining can be reached online at:

by phone: +1 (828) 649-7689
(please leave us a message and a call back number)

by email:

MBglobaltraining is a wholly owned subsidiary of Four Paws Arts and Training, Inc.