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Welcome, hello and “Thank You” for your interest in our Affordable Web Design / Hosting and Consulting Services.

Let me start by telling you a personal secret: “My wife is an artist!”

She is a Master Silk Painter and her passion is to paint dogs. Over the years she must have painted tens of thousands of silk paintings and at one point in time she approached me and said: ” I think we need to find a way to sell some of these paintings I made”.

That’s when I sat down and created her first website almost 30 years ago.
Over the years I have designed, re-designed and re-re-designed my wife’s website as well as her shopping sites more times than I care to admit.

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Why? Do you ask!

Simple! I had to re-design again and again, because technology is constantly advancing and pages, scripts and coding get outdated so fast that you have to continuously keep up.
Having said that, technology has caught up with websites of many clients who contacted me for the first time.
Some have hosted with the wrong company, paid a shady design service, designed with a program or code that is no longer supported or the content, pictures, forms or scripts simply became outdated.

What do you mean by

Affordable Web Design / Hosting and Consulting Services.

I know you will be able to find several so-called “Do It Yourself” offers online. From Wix to Shopify and from Squarepages to GoDaddy. All of those can provide certain things and none of them can provide them all.

After getting burned by those offers, frustrated business owners approached me and I have had the “pleasure” to redo many of those “relic” sites for my clients because they found out at one point in time, that the advertised “DIY” or $199.00 “deal” is not such a great deal after all when you figure in the long-term cost and limitations to capabilities, support and convenience.

By using our personalized and customized approach, we offer affordable design services. We can start from scratch or if you have an existing site, we can replicate or re-invent your site (with revisions, you and I discuss and agree upon). If so desired we can incorporate most or all of your existing pictures/photos/logos as well as copy texts from your existing site or replace it all with a brand new design concept we are going to create for you.

hosting,web design,development
hosting,web design,development

We are US based

Having said that… I host all my clients’ sites on my own US based server, I personally do the work, I don’t outsource to India (or any other country for that matter) and most importantly, I personally communicate with all my clients during the process, so I can promise and deliver a design that will fit your ideas and needs. I also provide full back-end support, regular updates, back-ups and cyber security against hacking and malware.

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hosting,web design,development